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Unit #6 – Animal Kingdom

Unpacking 6: Animal Kingdom (video)

Topics Covered in this Unit – 

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Animal Body Parts
  3. Development
  4. Life Cycles
  5. Taxonomy/Classification
  6. Phylogenetic Relationships

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Exercise 3A Guess That Phylum (video)

This video describes an activity appropriate for grade 1-4. Students will be able to: (1) define the term phylum, (2) better understand how to classify organisms based on similar traits, and (3) better understand that organisms that are more closely related are grouped in more taxa, with species containing organisms that are most similar.

Exercise 5A Sort These Animals (video)

This video describes an activity for grade K-2. Students will be able to: (1) better understand how biologists classify living organisms based on similar characteristics, (2) discuss traits that organisms in a particular phylum have in common, and (3) understand  how a taxon within a taxon has shared characteristics.

Printable Resources

Below are links to all documentation for this thematic unit.  Presentations are available in PowerPoint format, as well as PDFs for those wishing to print transparencies for overhead projectors.  Teachers may wish to review unit workbooks for more in-depth information before using the supplied presentations.

Curriculum Standard

Workbooks with Exercises


Additional Readings and Supplementary Files

Scientific Journal Articles

Supplementary Files

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