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Unit #9 – Forestry

Unpacking 9: Forestry (video)

Topics Covered in this Unit-

  1. Trees & Forests
  2. Wildlife Importance
  3. Economic Importance
  4. Tree Structure
  5. Tree Growth
  6. Identification of Common Tree Species
  7. Succession
  8. Forest Pests

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Exercise 1.1a Tree Trunks (Parts of a Tree) (video)

This video describes an activity appropriate for grade levels K-12. Students will be able to: (1) describe the five parts of a tree trunk (2) explain the function and importance of the parts of a tree trunk and (3) make predictions of the tree’s condition should one of the tree trunk parts become diseased (missing).

Exercise 1.2a Trunks Tell Tales (Tree Rings and Tree Cookies) (video)

This video describes an activity appropriate for grade levels 3-12. Students will be able to: (1) determine the age of a tree (2) distinguish between the various types of tree rings: wide, narrow and curled and (3) explain the meaning of physical characteristics of a tree’s cookie. 

Printable Resources

Below are links to all documentation for this thematic unit.  Presentations are available in PowerPoint format, as well as PDFs for those wishing to print transparencies for overhead projectors.  Teachers may wish to review unit workbooks for more in-depth information before using the supplied presentations.

Curriculum Standard

Workbooks with Exercises


Additional Readings and Supplementary Files

Scientific Journal Articles

UT Extension Publications (ZIP File)

NOTE: You will need WinZip or other decompression software to extract these files.

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